New measures under consideration to curb Covid surge


With the recent deterioration of Greece’s epidemiological situation and daily cases smashing a new record on Monday at 5,449, the committee of infectious disease experts is expected to consider tightening measures on Wednesday, particularly in red designated areas and so-called mixed areas in restaurants. 

More specifically, the measures reportedly on the table foresee an increase in social distancing in mixed spaces at restaurants and bars from 1.5 meters to 2, and a reduction on the number of people allowed at a table, from 10 possibly to six. 

There are also suggestions for increased testing of unvaccinated workers in catering and entertainment. This would entail three rapid tests a week from the current two, at their own expense. 

What’s more, a proposal that there should be no music outdoors will also be considered. 

Modifications to outdoor mixed entertainment venues will also be discussed. Under this proposal, outdoor spaces can have shields from the cold but only if they are open at the sides. If there are sides, these should not exceed 1.3 meters in height, otherwise they will be considered closed spaces.