Six arrested in cocaine-trafficking ring


Attica police arrested six people suspected of being members of a drug-trafficking ring distributing large quantities of cocaine in the wider region of Attica, according to an announcement on Wednesday.

Following a coordinated operation in Piraeus and Halandri, officers arrested five Greeks aged 20, 38, 49, 63 and 65, respectively, and a 37-year-old foreign national.

They are facing charges of forming a criminal organisation and drug offences, while the 37-year-old and 38-year-old are also facing charges of violating laws on weapons.

During a police raid on a shop used as a hiding place, on vehicles and residences, police found and confiscated 11.726 kg of cocaine, 280,530 euros in cash, five cars, one motorcycle, seven mobile phones, four precision scales, a knife, three cartridges, quantities of packaging material and hand-written notes.

The suspects were led before a Piraeus prosecutor.