Expert says Covid now spreading in the workplace


Greece has seen a significant worsening of its epidemiological load, with the number of new Covid-19 cases jumping by 60% in the last 15 days, an infectious disease expert said on Thursday, adding that there is increasing incidence of Covid transmission in the workplace.

Vana Papaevangelou, a pediatrician and infectious disease expert on the committee advising the government on coronavirus policy, added that there was a rolling average of 4,621 new cases per day.

The positivity rate has increased gradually and steadily, almost doubling from 1.09-1.1% at the beginning of the month to 1.96% last week, although the weekly number of laboratory tests remained stable.

Papaevangelou said the expansion of the 4th wave is obvious, with active cases exceeding 35,000. The pressure on the health system was significant, with an increase in admissions of 35% in the last two weeks.

There were now 3,000 patients hospitalized in the country due to coronavirus. Some 70% of the patients are over 55 years old and in the last two weeks both the number of intubated patients – which now exceeds 400 – and Covid fatalities due to coronavirus have increased.

Papaevangelou noted that while family and social contacts account for many cases, there is an increasing incidence of Covid transmission in the workplace.

In terms of age group, the 35-55 demographic accounts for 30% of all cases.

She called on the public to avail of the offer of vaccine booster shots and to adhere to the government’s measures.