Expert warns of fresh surge in cases


An expert in analytical chemistry and wastewater-based epidemiology on Tuesday warned that Greece may be set to break yet another record in the number of new coronavirus cases after Monday’s high of 7,335 confirmed infections.

“The number of new cases may even come close to 8,000,” Athens University professor Nikolaos Thomaidis told Skai television.

Sounding the alarm for the Greek capital in particular, Thomaidis said that the most recent analysis of Attica’s wastewater has shown a rise of 61% in the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“As you can understand, this has already translated into an increase in [hospital] admissions since yesterday,” he added.

Apart from Attica, Thomaidis said that spikes in the viral load in wastewater have also been observed in northern Greece, in Thessaly, in Ioannina and in the Peloponnese, where Laconia and Arcadia appear to be the worst-hit regions.