Health Minister dismisses online lockdown rumors


Internet rumors about lockdowns, whether local or general, or about changes to working hours or a shutdown of schools do not reflect the government’s planning, Health Minister Thanos Plevris insisted on Tuesday.

In an interview with private broadcaster SKAI, Plevris said that the government’s focus was on protecting the unvaccinated.

“If more measures are necessary, these will be along the lines of the measures already announced and will concern restricted access to various locations or the possibility that access for the unvaccinated will require tracking and testing,” he said.

“Schools will remain open and infections in schools are currently much lower than forecast,” he added.

Regarding the state’s request to private doctors to assist in the treatment of patients with Covid-19, the minister said that if there is no response to the invitation, the government will proceed to requisition doctors’ services.

“We hope that it won’t be needed and the doctors will come forward voluntarily,” he said. [AMNA]