Rouvikonas attacks public transport offices in Athens


Members of the self-styled anarchist group Rouvikonas attacked the headquarters of fixed-rail public transport operator STASY on Athinas Street on Friday in protest at the death of a maintenance worker last month.

The group entered the company’s offices, shouted at employees and vandalized property by throwing ink on computers, equipment and walls.

In a statement, STASY management condemned the incident.

“We condemn all acts of violence, any attempts to intimidate us, and we stand firm against attacks like the one today. STASY has always been on the side of the citizens, with its main main concern and mission being their safe and reliable transportation.

“Our goal is the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided to the citizens and no act of violence is going to stop us in that effort.”

In a statement, Rouvikonas said it attacked the building to protest the death of a 41-year-old maintenance crew member dead, Petros Giamalis, last month in a workplace accident.