SYRIZA MP condemns attack against high school principal 


Nikos Fylis, the shadow education minister of main opposition SYRIZA, condemned the attack against a high school principal in northern Greece who was dragged to a local police station by local anti-vaxxers, calling for their exemplary punishment by judicial authorities.

“I express my support for the high school principal of Pieria and my abhorrence for the attack from a brazen group of parastatal vanti-vaxxers,” he said in a statement.

“We will not be surprised if it is found that this action, in this area, comes from the same circles that had jeered and had perpetrated attacks against the houses of SYRIZA lawmakers during the time of the Prespa Agreement, encouraged by the frantic and irresponsible policy of New Democracy on the Macedonian issue,” he added. 

Fylis said the nationalism that was fuelled has now given ground to obscurantism “and an ominous unscientific irrationality,” with tragic consequences for the victims of anti-vaxxers.