Coronavirus: 4,801 new cases, 77 deaths


The situation eased on all fronts on Wednesday with decreases across all three important metrics. The daily briefing by the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) reported 4,801 new cases, 77 deaths, and 683 intubated patients. In comparison, EODY’s report on Tuesday revealed 5,736 cases, the second highest death toll of 130, and 700 intubations.

Most of those intubated (553 or 80.97%) are their unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated, with the remaining patients (130 or 19.03%) being fully vaccinated.

The total number of reported coronavirus cases in Greece since the start of the pandemic rose to 1,017,445, with the total number of deaths over the same period reaching 19,553.

Attica, Greece’s most populous region, recorded 1,486 cases, with the northern port city of Thessaloniki reporting 817.