Gov’t has spent over €300 million on free Covid tests, Oikonomou says


Greece is among the top five 5 countries in Europe in terms of Covid testing, government spokesman Yiannis Economou said on Friday.

Since May 1 to December 30, the National Public Health Organisation provided 8,759,556 free diagnostic tests, of which 7,642,167 were rapid tests and 1,112,389 PCR.

In addition, the National Health System also offered millions of free diagnostic tests, he added.

Greece ranked fourth place in the EU for the number of rapid and PCR tests it has provided.

Since April, 86,403,820 self-tests were given free of charge to 7,669,956 citizens. Through those tests, one in five confirmed cases were identified, that is, 247,464 out of a total of 1,170,293 cases.

The government has spent more than €300 million on providing free tests (self, rapid, PCR), he added. [AMNA]