Municipality unwilling to pay for school vandalism

Municipality unwilling to pay for school vandalism

Following reports of extensive damage caused to school facilities and equipment during a student sit-in at a public high school in the northern Athens suburb of Neo Psychiko, local authorities Friday said that the cost of repairs would be deducted from the annual municipal funds earmarked for the school in question.

It is understood that some teaching staff have in turn called for parents to assume economic responsibility for the vandalism caused by their children.

In comments made to Kathimerini, Deputy Mayor Aliki Gizeli said that the sit-in protest was launched Sunday by a small number of schoolchildren without prior approval by the student council. Furthermore, the protesters failed to notify school authorities about the action, in line with regulations which stipulate the appointment of a student representative.

The demands of the protesters, among whom were persons outside the school community, were not clear.