Restoring transport service in Athens

Restoring transport service in Athens

Buses and trolleys will start later than usual Wednesday, but Athens transport operator OASA sees a return to normalcy within the day.

Buses and trolleys will start their runs between 6.30 and 7 a.m. To account for the freezing early morning conditions on Athens road. They will follow a holiday schedule, as Wednesday has officially been declared a holiday in Athens due to the effects of the snowfall and the cold.

The operator will monitor the road conditions and adapt runs accordingly, it said. 

Metro Lines 2 and 3 will operate normally. Metro Line 3 will operate to Athens Airport but will not stop at the four above-ground stations before the airport.

Line 1 will operate between Pireaus and Irini (Athens Olympic Complex) stations; the operator plans to open the four northernmost stations – Neratziotissa, Maroussi, KAT and Kifissia – by noon.

Full tram operation is also expected to be restored by noon.