Tighter net on drunk motorists

From today, drivers involved in minor traffic accidents will be much less inclined to call the police, who are to start carrying out mandatory breathalyzer tests that could have serious financial repercussions on motorists even slightly over the blood alcohol limit. Following a recent Public Order Ministry decision, calls regarding traffic accidents will be handled by local traffic police departments, as opposed to regular officers in patrol cars who often took a long time to respond due to more pressing demands on their time. Even for the most trivial collisions, traffic police officers will subject all motorists involved to breathalyzer tests. Drivers who prove to be over the limit will probably end up having to pay for any damage to their own or other vehicles out of their own pockets, as in such cases insurance companies refuse to compensate their clients – or even victims of traffic accidents who are found to have been legally drunk. Sober victims will be compensated, but the insurance firm representing the motorist who caused the accident will then sue their client for payment.