Survey exposes need for more university hirings

Survey exposes need for more university hirings

A recent survey on Greece’s university faculty has revealed a shortage of tenured professors.

Data from the University of Western Macedonia, specifically, shows that out of 10,000 tenured educators in November 2021, 4,000 were assistants and 2,700 associates, a total of 67%.  

The pattern, which is the reverse of most European universities, is attributed to a 10-year freeze on academic hirings and the relatively quick promotion of existing staff. 

The drop in new hirings has taken a toll on the quality of teaching.

“The ratio of staff to students is significantly lower than the European average,” says Athens Medical School Professor Dora Psaltopoulou. “It is a major fallout of the 10-year economic crisis in this country.”

According to Eurostat figures from 2019, Greece’s student/academic staff ratio was 40:1, against a European average of 12:1.