Cyberattack on ELTA played down by officials

Cyberattack on ELTA played down by officials

A cyberattack that brought down the computer systems of Hellenic Post (ELTA) was not related to international developments, officials told Kathimerini a day after US President Joe Biden warned Russia was likely to hack systems in retaliation for countries’ actions to counter its invasion of Ukraine.

Sources said the hackers behind Sunday’s attack used ransomware, a type of malware that locks up a victim’s files and denies access to a computer system until they pay up using a digital currency that is hard to trace.

ELTA isolated all its data center services as a preventive measure after the attack. Most key services remained intact, company officials said. Other ELTA sources said it did not made contact with the hackers and was continuing to liaise with the relevant cyber security agencies.

The Communications Privacy Protection Authority (ADAE) has requested a full report on the incident. Security officials say no sensitive data was breached.