Pyatt reaffirms strong US-Greek bonds, celebrates transformation over his term

Pyatt reaffirms strong US-Greek bonds, celebrates transformation over his term

Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the United States Ambassador to Greece, reaffirmed the close strategic relationship between Greece and the United States in his speech at the Delphi Economic Forum on Thursday, and praised the transformation of Greece over his five years in the country. 

“That’s one thing that has been inspiring to me to be here in Greece, to see a country that has come through a very severe economic crisis not only with its democratic institutions reaffirmed, but in many ways with its democracy strengthened,” he said of the great change in Greece.

Pyatt stressed that Greece enjoys the confidence of the US politically, militarily, and economically, as part of a wider strong transatlantic relationship. However, the ambassador stated that the alliance between the two countries was strong enough to stand on its own merit. 

“Our military relationship today is almost unrecognizable from what it was when I arrived here almost six years ago. We’ve had two amendments of our MDCA. The indefinite extension of the MDCA,” said the ambassador, referring to the very close military co-operation between the two countries. He called the US-Greece military relationship as “qualitatively different” than that between the United States and Turkey, and highlighted that American and Greek forces co-operate on a daily basis. Pyatt emphasized that when the Russian invasion of Ukraine ends, Greece’s role in the southeastern flank of NATO will be more important than it has ever been.

The ambassador also personally praised Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias for his conduct during the crisis in Ukraine, stating that the photos of Dendias standing in the museum of the Philiki Etaireia (the Friendly Brotherhood, a Greek revolutionary secret society created by merchants in 1814 to overthrow Ottoman rule in Southeast Europe and to establish an independent Greek state) was a strong reminder of the bonds connecting Ukraine to Greece. 

However, Pyatt also focused on the economic ties between his country and Greece. The ambassador shared how stark the change has been during his term. When he first arrived, there were still conversations about Greek defaulting on its debts and now he is in a position to discuss the growing rate of American investments in Greece, including major players like Pfizer and Microsoft. 

Finally, Pyatt celebrated Greece’s efforts to push forward a green transition, focusing on the recently opened solar farm in Kozani, as well as the digital transformation of the country. 


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