Double-crossing forger rescued in police raid

Police in Attica unwittingly broke up an international counterfeit currency ring this weekend after being called to the aid of a Cameroonian suspected ring member taken hostage by colleagues whom he had attempted to double-cross. Joseph Donku, 35, and another man from Cameroon, a Frenchman and a Guinean faced a prosecutor on Saturday after Donku’s family contacted police saying they had received a ransom demand for 1 million euros. Officers discovered Donku in a villa in Kalyvia, southern Attica, and are seeking another eight men – including two Greeks. The two from Cameroon and the Frenchman had allegedly given their colleagues poor quality chemicals, used to forge euros and dollar notes, in exchange for 1 million euros. The rest of the gang beat up the trio and kidnapped Donku after catching on to the scam, police said.