Three injured in house break-in in Crete

Three injured in house break-in in Crete

Three people were injured during a break-in at a house in the area of Tavronitis, western Crete, shortly after midnight on Wednesday. 

According to the ongoing police investigation two people who had covered their faces entered the house and tied up a 62-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman, injuring them lightly in the process. The burglars took money and jewellery and fled. 

After the suspects left, the 62-year-old took his rifle and shot at a 19-year-old who was outside the house, although it was not clear if he was among the burglars or a passer-by. 

All three are being treated for injuries at Hania hospital. The burglary victims bore bruises on the body and head, while the 19-year-old has a bullet wound on his right shoulder.