Father and son drown trapped in river of woe

A schoolteacher and his 5-year-old son drowned trapped in their car after being swept away yesterday by a swollen river in Epirus. Panayiotis Patsis, 53, had been driving to work in the village of Mesopotamos, halfway between Preveza and Igoumenitsa, yesterday morning with his son, Giorgos, when they came to a flooded section of the road between Kanalaki and Kastri, just before a bridge that carries the road over the River Acheron. Patsis ignored warning signs on the road, which frequently floods when the Acheron – the river of woe that in ancient Greek mythology was one of the five rivers of the underworld – rises in spate, and the advice of another motorist who told him the crossing was too dangerous. The car advanced some 5 meters before being swept away. The other driver called for help, and rescuers located father and son dead in their car hours later.