Style to go global

Fashion changes in the blink of a false eyelash, and often within the year (four times annually for pret-a-porter and twice for haute couture), more due to the needs of the global garment industry than to the inspiration of individual designers. But the last word in fashion currently is military-style clothing for casual wear and bodices for a more glamorous look, according to Lakis Gavalas, one of the main importers of fashion into Greece. Individual lifestyles lead to different paths, however. «Working people have specific needs which considerably shape their personal look,» Gavalas said. Nevertheless, Greeks – especially women – have been following trends in the fashion world closely in recent years. «Greece, to a large extent, is trying to catch up with the rest of Europe, though a lot of people are still lousy dressers. As for those people who don’t buy into the conventions because they lead a carefree existence, it’s impossible to do anything with them, since Greeks are unfortunately not fashion-oriented.»