Market: leaner and less literary

A reduction in titles and an increase in sales, less literature and more reliance on well-known authors and fields will characterize the book world in the next few years. Popular science is gaining ground, while home, travel and lifestyle will be the key selling points. Says managing consultant to the Eleftheroudakis book shop Sofia Eleftheroudaki: «I believe publishers… will give more weight to books which are worthwhile and can sell well. In addition, they will give less weight to literature, which is considered saturated, and more to… specialized themes, such as politics and economics and generally educational texts, which are preferred by young people.» Albums on homes (interior and exterior decor), she said, «will be greatly in demand» as will travel guides, maps and popularized lifestyle guides (psychology, health, nutrition, exercise, etc.) which have burgeoned abroad.» Despite digital forms of entertainment, the book world is expected to expand. «I believe that sales will increase in the next 10 years. There is a trend for greater free time, though it’s not obvious yet. At a conference I attended in the USA, the growing sectors are electronics, clothes, the home and recreation. I want to be more optimistic and say books will continue to occupy an important place. I feel that the Greek book market has not yet reached its limits.»