Another four prisoners in close narcotic shave

Four men held in Greece’s largest prison pending trial for drugs offenses were hospitalized yesterday following suspected consumption of heroin and anti-depressant pills. It was the third incident of its kind in Korydallos Prison since the end of December. The first was on New Year’s Eve, when three women died after a drug and alcohol party in their cell. This inspired the Justice Ministry to deny the existence of drug-smuggling rings in Korydallos, and to sack the governor of the women’s wing and her deputy. On January 11, another four female inmates – including a woman charged with manslaughter for allegedly providing the drugs for the New Year’s Eve binge – were found in a semi-comatose state in their cells after taking heroin and anti-depressants. An investigation has been ordered into the incidents. All four of yesterday’s victims – three Greeks and a Syrian – were in stable condition.