Annan to be at EU summit

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan will attend Monday’s emergency EU summit in Brussels, his spokesman Fred Eckhard said yesterday. The EU’s Greek presidency is keen to reinforce the UN’s role as Athens tries to forge a common position on the Iraqi crisis among the seriously divided EU countries. Prime Minister Costas Simitis yesterday told his Cabinet of Greece’s effort. «Even if a joint stand is not reached, because some may not want it, the discussion will still be a gain,» he said. He spoke on the telephone with French President Jacques Chirac and British PM Tony Blair. Blair sent Simitis a letter proposing elements for the summit. «While we all of course regard military action as a last resort, we must make clear that no member state rules it out if needed to uphold the authority of the Security Council.» Blair wrote. «We should also be clear that in the absence of full and immediate cooperation, the UNSC should move quickly to a second resolution.»