Predictable event

«We forecast other accidents after the fall of the first helicopter,» the Association of Hospital Doctors of Athens and Piraeus (EINAP) said, stressing that the authorities needed to tackle the real problems of the National Health System rather than tinker with it through improvisations and amendments to amendments. EINAP on Wednesday reissued a statement it had made on January 18, 2001 that said the «privatization of EKAB airlifts will lead to us mourning more victims.» At the time, EINAP had denounced the non-transparency of the purchase of the EKAB helicopters and the surrender of flight exploitation rights to the private firm Helitalia and not to Olympic Airways (OA), on whose watch there had been no accident and which has one of the best technical services in the world. EINAP also demanded the immediate replacement of EKAB helicopters and that all rights and maintenance be handed over to OA. Strict, inviolable regulations should be adopted to ensure flight safety, EINAP said.