Supreme Court to probe tragedy

Evangelos Kroustallakis, Supreme Court public prosecutor, on Wednesday ordered a preliminary investigation into the circumstances and the causes of the EKAB helicopter crash, with the intention of bringing felony charges against any potentially guilty parties. The investigation has been assigned to deputy prosecutor Haralambos Maglaras. Kroustallakis, in a note to his deputy, said it would be useful to look at factors contributing to the other helicopter crashes, in order to examine «if there are common causes.» The Supreme Court prosecutor noted that briefs have been drawn up for the two previous accidents by the prosecutors’ offices of the Athens and Naxos courts of first instance. Kroustallakis, in the same note, also felt it would help his deputy prosecutor’s investigation «to ask for the minutes of the supply and delivery committees for those particular helicopters.» Given that human lives had been lost in all three accidents, he expressed the view that the investigation should also take into consideration the possibility of any criminal offenses or evidence of malice aforethought. This would mean felony charges being brought against any persons found responsible for the crash. The Supreme Court prosecutor also furnished his deputy with press articles on the crash as well as the letter sent to him by the health minister, who asked him to deal with this serious issue.