Americans grill Greek on N17

Athens confirmed yesterday that a Greek mathematics professor had been interrogated by government officials in the USA last week regarding the November 17 terrorist group, but denied that he had been arrested. «The professor, Mr Angelopoulos, had gone to America for a book presentation, I think,» government spokesman Christos Protopappas said. «He was detained, in the form of a discussion, for four hours at the airport by the US authorities on the matter of November 17, and was then released.» Eugenios Angelopoulos teaches at the National Technical University of Athens, in the Mathematics Department. Reports yesterday said he had known alleged N17 mastermind Alexandros Yotopoulos in Paris, which was why the US authorities had wanted to talk to him. Synaspismos Left Coalition party described the incident as «an arrogant, hegemonistic display toward [America’s] vassals in the international alliance against terrorism.»