Man kills four to avenge wife

A man from a remote border village in Thrace was charged yesterday with killing four close relatives in a shotgun rampage which he claimed was to avenge a sexual attack on his wife. Hussein Sakir Solak, 26, called the police after shooting his uncle, aunt and two cousins on Monday in the village of Kardamos, northeast of Komotini, some 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the Bulgarian border. As the area was covered in deep snow, officers were only able to reach the village late on Monday night. They found the body of Solak’s last victim, his aunt Halide Molla, 43, who had been shot dead in her house after brewing her nephew a cup of coffee. Yesterday, Solak led police to the outlying sheepfold where, on Monday morning, he killed his uncle, Hussein Ibram Molla, 51, and Molla’s two sons, Rahim, 32, and Sukrie, 18. All four were shot in the head with high-bore pellets used for boar-hunting. Solak said his cousins had tried to rape his wife in the summer, when he was working in Germany.