50 Years Ago Today

SILENCE OVER I.D.E.A.: The Royal Commissioner for the Permanent Military Court in Athens has sent us the following announcement: (…) We prohibit the publication in the daily and weekly press of news or comments on the case against Colonel Nikolaos Gogousis and any others involved in, and generally regarding the existence of, the IDEA organization, the events of May 30-31, 1951, photographs of the accused or any other person associated with the service. (…) FOOD DISTRIBUTION: According to an announcement by the Trade Ministry, there will be a general distribution of coffee in November throughout the country apart from Athens. (…) According to another decision, the following foodstuffs will be distributed in November: wheat, flour and bread at the usual prices and amounts, 200 drams (640 grams) of sugar at 4,800 drachmas, 100 drams of rice at 1,800 drachmas, 200 drams of beans at 2,300 drachmas, and 17.5 drams of coffee at prices to be determined by local market police committees. These prices do not include the fee charged by grocers for distributing the food. ELENI NIKOLAIDI: Our famous compatriot Eleni Nikolaidi, continuing her triumphant career in the New World, is about to open the new season at the Metropolitan Opera on November 13 in Aida. The dogma if you’re not with us, you’re against us is what poses the greatest danger to democracy. The right to question is the only genuinely romantic American dream that we have embraced when watching sloppy films and reading American novels. No one can take this away from us in the name of fear, despotism or totalitarianism.

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