Israeli envoy blasts ‘racist’ claim

The Israeli ambassador to Greece, David Sasson, sent a letter to the president of the Technical Chamber of Greece this week, protesting against an extremely racist and anti-Semitic article published last week in the Chamber’s bulletin. The article is a malicious mixture of prejudice, racism and anti-Semitism supposedly expressed in the framework of a free exchange of ‘views’ in a technical magazine, Sasson said in his strongly worded letter. The Israeli diplomat was reacting to a statement by a leftist union of engineers published on October 10 in the information bulletin of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) under the title What is Going On? The statement reiterated unconfirmed rumors, which had previously appeared in the Arab and Pakistani press, claiming that allegedly all Jews who worked in the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers had been informed by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad of the imminent terrorist attack on September 11 and supposedly didn’t go to work that day. The truth is that at least 2,000 Jews lost their lives in the Twin Towers in New York in an attack which according to all indications was carried out by Arab terrorists. All the racist propaganda in the world cannot change that, Sasson declared. The statement published in TEE’s bulletin alleged that 4,000 Jewish employees were missing from the World Trade Center on the day of the attack, while noting the alleged arrest of five Jews who were videotaping the destruction of the Twin Towers and who were strangely pleased. According to a statement released yesterday by the Israeli Embassy in Athens, the issue was actually brought to the Greek Parliament by Giorgos Karatzaferis, an extreme right-wing deputy and well- known anti-Semite who submitted a question to the Greek foreign minister asking him for clarification of the issue. He never received an answer. Nevertheless, the matter of Karatzaferis’s question received extensive coverage in part of the right-wing Greek press. However, the statement in TEE’s bulletin went beyond reprinting unfounded allegations by editorializing and making statements that we are entering World War III, controlled like the first two (wars) by Zionism, the constant first satanic conspirator and world terrorist. The Israeli ambassador expressed his regret that such a statement could be printed in the information bulletin of an organization such as TEE, and called for action to be taken against the authors. For these reasons we believe that especially harsh measures should be taken, not only against those who wrote the article, but also against those who gave a podium to such baseless, malicious and unjustifiable claims in your magazine, the Israeli Ambassador noted.

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