Hunger strikers to be moved from university

The standoff between Athens University, the government and 230 immigrants on hunger strike at the Law School could soon be resolved by the protestors being moved to another building.

The University said late on Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with four non-governmental organizations for the undocumented migrants to be moved to a different building in central Athens, where they can continue their protest.

?The University is part of the solution and that has been proved from the start,? the University said in a statement.

The institution has been locked in a row with the government since Monday, when the migrants arrived in Athens from Crete. The university says that authorities should intervene to remove the protestors, who are demanding residence permits, but the government insists that it is the institution?s responsibility.

Greece?s university asylum law means that the police cannot enter the grounds without the rector?s permission. PASOK has accused leftist groups of abusing this law and taking advantage of the immigrants to score points against the government.

The proposal to move the migrants to another building is to be put to them on Thursday.