Siemens says it has no more information

Siemens Hellas has told the government that it has no more information to pass on regarding accusations that the company paid bribes over a number of years to political parties and public officials.

The company?s CEO, Panos Xynis, said in his letter to State Minister Haris Paboukis that Siemens Hellas ?does not have any other investigative material in Greece? that has not already been passed on to the parliamentary committee and prosecutors investigating the scandal.

Xynis went on to say that the Siemens Hellas is now a ?radically different? and ?clean? company. He also suggested that the firm would be interested in bidding for public tenders in the future by saying that Siemens possesses technology which could be useful in improving Greece?s infrastructure.

Paboukis wrote to Siemens earlier this week that it would use ?all appropriate means? to recover damages from the firm after the parliamentary committee completed its 11-month investigation.

The minister said that he wants to ?put an end to this unpleasant and infuriating affair.?

In its report this week, the parliamentary committee suggested that up to 14 former and current minister should face further investigation over allegations of wrongdoing.