Cretan outlaw takes own life

Police in the Cretan prefecture of Rethymno on Tuesday recovered the bullet-riddled body of a 53-year-old fugitive and murder suspect from his hideout in the mountain village of Archontiki following a shootout.

It appears Vangelis Selianakis, whom police have been seeking since 1996, took his own life. According to a coroner, Selianakis – who was left-handed – bore a gunshot wound to his left temple. The wounds to the 53-year-old?s legs were incurred during a shootout with police. Officers said they surrounded the hideout and called on Selianakis to give himself up. The fugitive responded by opening fire on police, who shot back. The 53-year-old, charged with two murders and linked to another three, had been at large since escaping from Alikarnassos Prison in 1996. He had been dressed in army combat clothes and surrounded by guns and ammunition when police found his body.