Guerrilla group threatens to target judges

The guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire on Wednesday claimed responsibility for a powerful explosion that damaged a court building near central Athens at the end of last month and threatened to target the judges who are to preside over the trial of 13 suspected members of the group on January 17.

In a letter to the Athens branch of the anti-capitalist news network Indymedia, Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire said it carried out the December 30 blast, which caused extensive damage but no injuries, to protest the forthcoming trial of its ?brothers.? Referring to the judges as ?modern-day members of the Holy Inquisition,? the group said: ?From now on their safety is directly at risk. We publicly vow that for every year in prison given to our brothers, we will plant a kilogram of explosives in your front yards, cars and offices.? The group added that it was ?not ruling out face-to-face surprise encounters? and advised the judges appointed to rule on the fate of suspected members of the organization ?to wear black hoods and ensure that their names are never published anywhere.?

The authors of the proclamation said the attack on the Athens Court of First Instance was dedicated to Panayiotis Argyrou, Gerasimos Tsakalos and Haris Hatzimichelakis, three self-proclaimed members of the group who claimed responsibility for a spate of letter bombs targeting foreign embassies in Athens in November.

A reference suggests the group might resort to letter bombs once again. ?It is a shame these people need 24-hour police protection and fear opening letters and parcels.?

The proclamation also describes in detail how the attack on the court building was planned and executed.