Greece to seek damages from Siemens

The Greek government has informed German industrial giant Siemens that it will use ?all appropriate means? to recover damages from the firm after a parliamentary committee completed its 11-month investigation into claims its Greek branch bribed politicians to secure state contracts.

In his letter to Siemens on Monday, State Minister Haris Paboukis said that he wants to ?put an end to this unpleasant and infuriating affair.? Siemens Hellas is alleged to have paid bribes to political parties and public officials to gain lucrative contracts, which are estimated to have led to the state suffering damages of some 2 million euros.

Siemens spokesman Joern Roggenbuck said the German firm has done ?everything humanly possible to shed light on the past dealings and has always fully cooperated with authorities.? He added that Siemens would issue more information on legal proceedings on Tuesday, when the company will publish its quarterly earnings report.