Public against ERT shutdown, snap elections, polls show

Two opinion polls published over the weekend indicate that the majority of Greeks oppose the closure of ERT.

A Kapa Research survey for Sunday’s To Vima newspaper suggests that 64.4 percent of Greeks regard the decision to shut down the public broadcaster as either negative or “probably negative.” In contrast, 32.1 percent of respondents said they view the government’s move as positive or “probably positive.”

A poll by VPRC for the website indicates that as many as 65 percent of Greeks oppose the closure of ERT, while 27 percent are in favor of its TV and radio service being taken off air. Five percent said they were neither in favor nor against.

The Kapa Research poll also shows that 57.1 percent of Greeks do not want early elections to be held, while 40.1 percent would like the country to go to the polls soon. The survey also puts New Democracy narrowly ahead of SYRIZA, with a 21.4 to 21.1 percent rating. Golden Dawn was in third with 9.5 percent, PASOK in fourth with 6.3 percent, the Communist Party on 5.1 percent, Independent Greeks with 4.4 percent and Democratic Left with 3.9 percent.

The VPRC poll gave SYRIZA a substantial lead over New Democracy, with 29 against 26.5 percent. A Public Issue poll for Skai and Kathimerini earlier in the week gave the conservatives a 2 percent lead over SYRIZA with 29.5 against 27.5 percent.