Police investigate organ ring

Police in Ioannina on Tuesday were investigating the suspected involvement of six Afghan immigrants, intercepted in the northwestern city on Monday as they tried to board a chartered aircraft bound for Rome, in an international ring trading in human organs.

The migrants – five adults and an infant – were all carrying forged Danish identity cards, according to police. Officers also detained the two Italian pilots of the eight-seat jet and a 19-year-old Italian woman of Moroccan descent – an employee of a Paris-based travel agency and a suspected member of a cross-border smuggling ring. On Saturday police in Kavala detained another 15 Afghan immigrants and another 19-year-old Moroccan woman, an employee of the same travel agency in Paris. According to police, the migrants had been about to board two chartered flights to the Italian city of Genoa when they were stopped. Police also detained four Greeks who are believed to have driven the migrants to the airport.