Siemens report to go public

As the parliamentary committee probing the Siemens cash-for-contracts scandal prepares to submit its report to the House on Monday, the two main political parties – which both have cadres implicated in the affair – continued to trade barbs while speculation about a cover-up peaked.

The publication of the names of several former and serving ministers of PASOK and New Democracy embroiled in the scandal fueled in-party tensions and prompted smaller factions to theorize. ?Instead of seeking a substantive explanation about the fate of 100 million euros in kickbacks, they functioned like a cover-up committee for the whole scandal,? said Democratic Alliance head Dora Bakoyannis, who served as foreign minister for ND. PASOK MP Vassiliki Tsonoglou, who is on the committee that probed the scandal, said she and her colleagues had been ?misinformed,? adding that the bank accounts of politicians would be probed as there is evidence of organized crime.