Arrests made at Kos and Santorini airports over people-smuggling suspicions

A 41-year-old Romanian woman was arrested late on Tuesday at Kos airport on suspicion of helping a young migrant from Afghanistan leave the country.

The woman was arrested after pretending to be the boy’s mother.

The minor was set to travel to Belgium with her using a fake passport.

The child, aged 13, was taken into care by the police at Kos airport, while the 41-year-old was due to face a magistrate on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a 45-year-old Pakistani man, a 22-year-old woman from Pakistan and her child were stopped in Santorini on suspicion of a similar scam.

The two adults were pretending to be a couple traveling to Brussels but the 45-year-old was suspected of being a trafficker helping the woman reach Belgium.