In Brief


Judge sounds out N17 suspects on smaller group’s activities Examining judge Leonidas Zervobeakos on Saturday interviewed a number of the 19 detained November 17 terrorist suspects in connection with May 1, a smaller left-wing extremist group that functioned from 1987 to 1995. On Tuesday, Michalis Kassimis, the brother of a left-wing terrorist killed in a 1977 gunfight with police in Athens, will become the first suspect to answer charges of group membership and participation in the attempted killing of a top union official. He has denied the charges. The N17 trial enters its sixth week today. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Fourteen arrested over weekend A coast guard patrol boat detained 12 illegal immigrants found in a small fishing caique off the coast of Lesvos early on Saturday and arrested their Turkish smuggler. Eleven of the immigrants were Iraqis and one was a Turkish national. The boat had set off from Turkey. Meanwhile, yesterday border guards in Thrace arrested two Turkish people smugglers – both Athens residents – in the act of surreptitiously bringing a couple of Turkish illegal immigrants into Greece. The two smugglers had allegedly arranged to drive their charges to the capital. Patras deaths A Patras electrician yesterday shot his fiancee dead in his mother’s flat and then committed suicide with the same shotgun, police said. Nikos Karlanidis, 40, is believed to have killed Ourania Papadopoulou, 32, with a single shot in the back while his mother was out buying milk. He then killed himself. Hotel robbery Three hooded robbers attacked the reception desk clerk at a central Athens hotel early yesterday, beating him in the face and stealing cash from the till and the man’s mobile phone. It is unclear how much money was taken. The attack on the Omonia Square Oscar Hotel follows a spree of five similar robberies apparently carried out by a single gang two weeks ago. Drive-by attack Two young Greek immigrants from the former Soviet Union were shot and seriously injured in a drive-by shooting on Saturday night in Varibombi, on the northern outskirts of Athens. Police said Pavlos Costoulidis and Matthaios Tsoulfas, both 24, were shot by a gunman from a car that stopped next to theirs at a traffic light. Two teenagers in the back of their car were unhurt.