Greece’s road haulage sector see revenues slide as costs rise

Revenues in Greece’s road haulage sector have dropped 52 percent in the last four years as the cost of fuel and tolls has risen by almost 325 percent during the same period, according to research compiled by the Transport Institute.

There are roughly 32,000 trucks in Greece but some 40 percent of them are not in service at the moment and another 8,000 are based in Bulgaria due to lower taxation, said the head of the road haulage federation, Petros Skoulikidis.

Truck owners want the government to allow them to hand in their license plates when they do not have work so they do not have to pay road tax and social security contributions.

The road haulage sector was one of the first so-called closed professions to be liberalized as a result of Greece’s bailout conditions.

The cost of transportation is 25 percent lower than before the crisis.