UK to free Greek terror suspect?

A Greek man held in Britain for the past six weeks on terrorism charges could be released by an English court today, as the Crown Prosecution Service has reportedly decided it lacks sufficient evidence to ensure a conviction. Haralambos Dousemetzis, 25, a former Northumbria University student who has lived in the UK for the past eight years, was arrested in Newcastle on February 25 and charged with possessing articles that could be used to instigate, prepare or commission acts of terrorism. He faces a maximum 10-year prison sentence. The arrest, but mainly London’s failure to notify the Greek authorities for over 11 days, drew angry remonstrations from Athens. On March 11, a court in Bedlington, northern England, refused to release him on bail. The same court will examine a new bail appeal today. According to an Athens News Agency report from London yesterday, the Crown Prosecution Service will withdraw the charges due to lack of evidence. Dousemetzis was allegedly found in possession of rubber stamps and a proclamation associated with the November 17 group.