DIMAR says it will give selective support to coalition bills

Democratic Left (DIMAR), which pulled out of the governing coalition last week, on Wednesday sought to clarify its position on existing and forthcoming legislation, saying that it would offer its support on a case-by-case basis, backing government bills it agrees with and objecting to those it disagrees with.

In a statement issued after a session of the party’s parliamentary group, DIMAR said it would insist on the revocation of a bill that led to the closure of the state broadcaster, ERT, and propose an anti-racism bill.

In a related development, DIMAR on Wednesday backed a bill submitted in Parliament that brings Greece’s legislation into line with European law as regards the crackdown on tax evasion by boosting the powers of authorities to access tax-related data and to exchange information with other EU member states.

Meanwhile internal criticism about the stance maintained by DIMAR since it joined the government last summer continued. Party spokesman Andreas Papadopoulos admitted that it had been a mistake to accept New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras as prime minister and that the top post should have gone to a “person acceptable to all sides.”

Papadopoulos appeared to rule out a potential DIMAR cooperation with leftist SYRIZA, which he described as “a sterile opposition party indulging in promises of cost-free benefits and battling any concept of reform.”