Two shot dead in popular bar district

Two Greek men, aged 35 and 37, were killed early on Friday in a Mafia-style shooting in the middle of the popular bar district of Gazi, near central Athens.

According to police the men, one a parking attendant and the other the employee of a bar in the area, were shot several times on the corner of Persephoni and Triptolemou Streets in the heart of Gazi shortly after 5 a.m. when the normally buzzing neighborhood was virtually empty and bars and restaurants were closed.

The assailant used a nine-millimeter pistol to fire at least seven shots, police said.

According to witnesses, the assassin approached the men and shot them at virtually point-blank range.One of the victims died instantly, the other a few hours later after being transferred to the hospital.

Police did not give a possible motive for the attack but the style of the shooting suggests a contract killing.