Most Greeks want a strong EU, poll shows

Nearly half of all Greeks have a high opinion of the way their government is handling its tenure of the European Union presidency, according to a recent poll by Metron Analysis, which also came up with interesting findings regarding Greeks’s view of European unification. Only 13.5 percent disapproved of the government’s record in the presidency so far, and a quarter had no opinion either way. As for the political unification of Europe, 55.6 percent were in favor, with 25.6 percent against. Supporters of the ruling PASOK party were also the most in favor of a united Europe (61.6 percent), compared to 52.7 percent of New Democracy party supporters (in the 2000 parliamentary elections). Also in favor were 56.2 percent of voters of the Synaspismos Left Coalition, compared to just 32.2 percent of those who voted for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). The percentages of those who opposed European political unity were 20.5 percent of PASOK voters, 27.2 percent of ND voters, 52.3 percent of KKE and just 23.5 percent of Synaspismos Left Coalition supporters. Next Wednesday’s EU summit in Athens, which will see the signing of 10 new members’ accession treaties, is viewed as «very important» by 44.7 percent of the poll respondents, and «quite important» by another 34.8 percent. Research into public opinion of the Greek government’s handling of the Cyprus issue, meanwhile, indicates that again nearly half (42.8 percent) approve, although nearly a third are «neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.» Just 22.4 percent say they are dissatisfied.