Greece blocks Canadian ship from sailing to Gaza

Greek authorities have blocked a Canadian vessel carrying activists that was due to sail from Crete to Gaza.

Coast guard officers are reported to have boarded the ship on Friday, the same day that a US vessel was prevented from sailing from Perama, near Piraeus.

?We are being Gaza-fied,? Lyn Adamson, 59, a lifelong Toronto activist and chair of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, told the Toronto Star newspaper.

?What we?re doing is perfectly legal and we haven?t given up,? said Adamson, one of 22 Canadians due to sail with the Canadian boat Tahrir ? Arabic for ?liberation? and named after the square in Cairo that was the focal point for Egyptian protests earlier this year.

?It?s clearly coming from on high,? said Adamson. ?It?s really a shame that this Greek government would be pressured, as it has been, into stopping these boats. Why is Israel afraid of our aid??