Indignants’ protests going strong in their sixth week

Anti-austerity demonstrators in Syntagma Square, also known as the Indignants, held their sixth protest in coordination with other European movements on Sunday.

The Indignants, who have been holding an ongoing demonstration on Syntagma, the capital’s central square, since May 25, chanted slogans against the memorandum ? the bailout agreement signed between Greece and its foreign creditors ? and demanded the abolition of the midterm fiscal plan passed in Parliament last week.

Reports said demonstrators verbally attacked a 53-year-old man who they believed was a police officer.

Hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police in central Athens last Wednesday as a major anti-austerity rally degenerated into violence.

Police have been accused of making extensive use of chemicals and stun grenades in a bid to break up the ongoing protests, but the Indignants have vowed to continue with the protests.