Greenpeace stresses benefits of RES

Society and the Greek economy could see multiple benefits from the development of the photovoltaic energy market, according to a report published on Tuesday by environmental group Greenpeace.

Each euro invested, the report estimates, can generate a return of 1.15 euros, while investment in the sector can also create 4,500 new jobs.

?It is unthinkable to even discuss new investment in lignite and petroleum in this day and age, at a time when the greatest benefits to the environment and to the economy can come from using the greatest asset this country has: the sun,? said Takis Grigoriou, head of Greenpeace Greece.

The report presents three separate scenarios for the period between 2009 and 2020. In all three, the overall gains from investing in the greater penetration of photovoltaic technology are estimated to be over 5.35 billion euros, which is how much a government program to this end will cost.

Photovoltaic technology is currently subsidized by the state, which, Greenpeace says, will see much greater returns from stepping up its efforts to increase the penetration of renewable energy sources than by investing any further in thermoelectric productions units and networks.