Poll shows growing rejection of parties

No single party would win a general election if it were held tomorrow and almost four in 10 voters would abstain, according to a new opinion poll that suggests nearly all Greeks feel insecure about their future.

The monthly Public Issue survey for Kathimerini and Skai indicated that New Democracy has slightly extended its lead since last month as the most popular party. The conservatives polled support of 32.5 percent, compared to 26.5 percent for PASOK. The Communist Party (KKE) remains in third position with 11.5 percent while the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) showed a sharp rise in support, overtaking the right-wing Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) with 9 percent against 7.5 percent. The poll also shows the Ecologist Greens narrowly breaking the 3 percent threshold to enter Parliament.

If replicated in a national election, this result would not give any party a majority in the House. Significantly, 38 percent of voters indicated that they would not cast a ballot. Such a high abstention is unprecedented for a general election in Greece.

The poll?s findings reflect a growing dissapointment with and rejection of Greece?s established political parties, especially New Democracy and PASOK. This is emphasized by the fact that seven in 10 respondents said that they would have no faith in either a ND or a PASOK government. In a similar vein, 46 percent said that they do not regard current Prime Minister George Papandreou nor ND chief Antonis Samaras as the most suitable person to lead Greece.

The disenchantment with Greek politics is replicated in how voters view their own lives. According to the poll, eight in 10 are unhappy with their lives and do not expect an improvement soon. Nine in 10 feel insecure about the next few years and 83 percent have seen their personal economic situation worsen over the last year.