Cabbies extend action until Saturday

Taxi drivers decided on Wednesday that they would press on with a nationwide strike until Saturday when they are to meet and consider their next move.

The decision came amid signs that a nationwide strike – being held to protest reforms that would open the cabbies’ sector to competition – is running out of steam after two and a half weeks.

On the Aegean islands of Lesvos, Myconos, Rhodes, Kos and Santorini, cabbies had returned to work on Wednesday. But in other parts of the country, cabbies stayed off the job. Protests – which had included blockades of airpors and major roads earlier in the week – were toned down on Wednesday.

In Thessaloniki, cabbies staged a motorcade along the northern port city?s coastline.

In the Cretan port of Iraklio, protesters occupied the entrance to the archaeological site of Knossos, allowing tourists to enter without charge. A similar rally was held in the western port of Patra.