Cabinet reshuffle marks ‘the beginning of the end’ for coalition, SYRIZA says

Leftist opposition SYRIZA has criticized Monday’s reshuffle saying that the new cabinet signals “the beginning of the end” for Greece’s power-sharing government.

“The new cabinet is tailor-made for the policies of the memorandum and for the government’s plans to complete the political plundering of incomes and the sell-off of public goods,” the party said in a statement.

On Monday conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras revamped his cabinet, aiming to bolster his government days after Democratic Left, the smallest party in the ruling coalition, quit over the closure of state TV, leaving him with a tiny majority in the Greek parliament.

In its statement SYRIZA said that the “recycling” of cabinet figures was not enough to disguise the failure of Greece’s austerity measures.

“[The reshuffle] cannot save a collapsing government, but instead signals the beginning of its end,” the statement said.

The new cabinet is to be sworn-in at 12.30 p.m. on Tuesday.

New Democracy and SYRIZA have been neck-to-neck in recent opinion polls.