Academics in SDOE?s sights

As part of ramped-up efforts to clamp down on widespread tax evasion and bring much-needed revenue into state coffers, the government Tuesday unleashed its financial crimes squad (SDOE) on the country?s universities after inspectors found discrepancies in a research program at the University of Ioannina.

According to that investigation, 60 professors and 240 other members of a research team at the university were found to have hidden over 1.8 million euros from the tax man in payments for work carried out in the 2009-10 period.

The case has brought the rest of the country?s tertiary education institutes into SDOE?s cross hairs, and it will be looking at all tax returns prior to 2009.

Meanwhile, the recently founded Finance Police squad has been following up on calls made to the Finance Ministry?s 11012 hotline by citizens claiming that certain establishments had failed to furnish them with sales receipts, among other complaints.

The hotline has received more than 500 complaints regarding a variety of violations within the first two months of its operation and has formed 49 case files so far.